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. >> obama's says he will stimulate the economy with green jobs and mitt romney says defense spending this same principle but on different programs because the priorities are different part of the government gets involved and spend money bet it will create jobs. but when you take the money from other uses, from taxpayers comment and it redistributes john: it may be a good thing to pay for defense it matters how would is spent? >> judge by the outcome. when someone says they create 1 million jobs that means his program is very expensive. they could have been doing something else it is suspect when they judge a program based on jobs created. john: moving on i was stck that if we need regulation you cannot start a bank in york raj. what is wrong? >> hewlett-packard's did start them major company and so did steve was the act. he is right you cannot start a bank because of regulation maybe we should question not begrudge but the regulation. >> to take a more serious example wal-mart has difficulty starting a bank with the various regulations as they are facing. i would love to see the crea
dollars for car. then you can afford a ticket or insurance? amazing. he can't pay $586. >> in his defense will say it is a beautiful car. my client, he was attracted to it, so interested in the car it not think about the insurance and a result he owes the fine. forgive him and it's all good. melissa: kiffin the car back. >> the only thing i can say is these young. come on. sell the darn car, pay the $500. >> if he downgraded even get like a bentley. melissa: dowrade to a bentley. >> and mercedes. aziz. it's crazy. melissa: here is a good one. according to a survey 33 percent of people will consider buying a haunted house. one-third said they needed discounts of up to 20% on the price in order toake the purchase worth it. would you guys want the haunted house? >> a couple who said they would pay more. there were people who wanted to do this. i say let's go. >> i actually bought on to the house. the house with poltergeist senate. middle treks. melissa: there you go. talk about uncertainty. when it comes to business and the economy, tom sullivan was to be sure you know what it means. >> unc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2